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New Clients

I can't wait to meet you!


Submit contact form, email or DM and include; wedding date, location, number of people in need of services, desired start/finish times. If I am available I'll send over my contract and we can go from there. Date is considered booked once deposit is paid.

New Extension Guests

A consultation is necessary before scheduling your appointments. We will discuss cost, how long your visit(s) will be, and at home care. We can go ahead and book your appointments as soon as we're finished with the consultation and deposit is paid.

Curly Haircut Guests

Always arrive to your appointments with clean, dry, product-free hair that is parted where it usually falls.


This business is ran on a timed schedule. 

1-5 minutes late with a call/text/email notification may be acceptable if time permits.

No notification to me and/or 10-15 minutes late, a "no call no show", or cancelling within 24hrs will result in cancellation of current appointment and all future appointments.

Do not bring anyone with you to your appointments unless you are a Bride or this person is also getting a service in the salon.

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